Austswim Qualified Learn to Swim Instructor. Police check •First Aid certificate, CPR •Surf Life Saving Certificate 


Welcome and thank you for taking time to look at my website. For 16 years I have enjoyed teaching swimming applying the Austswim principles believing that water safety is a skill for life.  My work over the years has been predominately working face to face with people from all walks of life, with many challenging, but rewarding roles.   I have travelled extensively with a 10 month stint in South Korea and Japan, teaching English and swimming at one of the many orphanages in Busan, Sth Korea. I remain in touch with many of the children with whom I had the great pleasure of sharing my skills at their local pool and beach.  In 2011 I attended the International Conference on Prevention of Drowning held in Danang, Vietnam. Death by drowning has now reached epidemic levels throughout parts of the world particularly throughout Sth East, Far East Asia, and parts of India and Africa. After the four day conference I volunteered for six weeks in the SwimVietnam program, involving 170 children in a water safety and learn to swim activities. It was such a rewarding experience and felt privileged to have had the opportunity to be involved in this program.  My approach to life in general is a holistic one; I possess a sincere attitude of caring, a strong ability to nurture and a good understanding of people's fears within the water environment.  I am punctual, very patient, persistent, and I believe that my past experiences qualifies me to work as a professional learn–to–swim instructor enabling my students to strive and move forward with a positive approach.  Swim Safely 2U is a privately owned operated business. 

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 Jenny is a patient and knowledgeable swim teacher with a desire to see her students of all ages exceed. As an adult who never had swim  lessons as a  child,my confidence in the water had been undermined by many years of not participating in water based activities. Jenny was great in helping me to regain my confidence and skills by providing a personal and private learning experience. Water safety is invaluable for all ages and Jenny's skills and experience are a perfect match for aiding children through to adults to be water confident.  Polly  

 Our son Jason  9 years old,had always struggled with his swimming. We tried swim schools, one on one sessions with swim school teachers etc…, unfortunately this did not translate to any significant improvements in both his confidence and swimming ability. In short, Jason began to hate swimming.  Jason’s grandfather came across Jenny. He was particularly impressed with Jenny’s volunteering work in third world countries where Jenny would offer her time to teach children and their teachers the rudimentary concepts of swimming in an effort to save lives. Clearly, she was passionate about children and helping them to swim.   She helped our boy  shift his motivation for swimming from disliking the activity to identifying with the personal value of the activity. He began to find it fun.  This we put down to Jenny’s interpersonal skills. Unlike previous teachers, she was empathetic to our sons needs, focused on things that he enjoyed, while improving his self belief that he could become a competent swimmer.    He feels confident in his abilities and frequently uses these opportunities to showcase his swimming skills in the water.  Thank you Jenny… you are a truly remarkable teacher!  Michael and Ngaire Georgalli 

 We have had swimming lessons with Jenny for two years now. She is always on time and is great with the kids. Jenny's swimming lessons are a lot of fun. She seems to know just how much she can push the kids to get the best out of them without freaking them out. She was very patient with our two year old who can be a bit stubborn at times and Jenny will alter the lessons to suit the mood of the day! I can recommend lessons with Jenny. We will definitely have her back this summer.  Jayne   

  Ms Jenny has been teaching my two children aged 3 & 4 for two summer seasons now. When we started they were both terrified of putting their head under water and saw swimming a form of torture, despite having had swimming lessons since the age of 6 months. Jenny's gentle, calm and encouraging approach has been amazing in developing the children's confidence in the water and they now look forward to their lessons and have come ahead in leaps and bounds as a result. I would highly recommend Jenny as a swimming instructor.  Amanda


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