Lessons conveniently conducted for families in the safety of your own pool.

I'm also available to conduct swim lessons in lake Macquarie and Merewether Ocean pool.

Lessons are tailored to the individual needs of the student. 

WATER BABIES  Main focus is water familiarisation.  It is a lovely way to introduce your baby to the joys of water,sharing the experience with a friend or two and babies tend to watch and learn from each other. 

 Blowing bubbles.  Monkey gripping.  Climbing out of the pool.  Floating,  singing and laughter!    

  A few good reasons why your baby should start to experience the water before turning one year old: 

•Babies less than a year old accept the water more readily than older children. 

•Fear of water is acquired as they grow older. 

•Movement in the water improves cardiovascular fitness, strengthens their muscles, increases their appetite and relaxes them so they will sleep better. 

•Independence and self confidence blossoms, skin to skin contact is such a wonderful way to spend time and bond with your bub.


PRE SCHOOLERS  Main focus is water familiarisation,water safety,achieving confidence and having fun.  Kick board work,floating,introducing big arms,bilateral breathing(freestyle)  Kicking on back with and without the kick board(backstroke)  Froggy legs and arms(breaststroke)  Streamlining,torpedo's and diving.  Learning how to safely enter and exit the pool.





Foreign exchange students,new migrants and holiday makers.  (English not essential during lesson)   Please have an English speaking friend or family member assist you with bookings.  

*It is a flat fee per lesson.  So the more students you include in the lesson, the less it will cost per person. 

  However a one on one will show more rapid improvement and skill development.   No more than 3 students per class, however if it is a water babies class which includes a parent in the pool, I think, more the merrier, but it will depend on the pool size.  *Siblings can share the lesson time.  If you have two children, each child can have a full 15 minute one on one, or share an hour. I'm flexible ,so we can discuss that at our first lesson.

 Participation in a swimming programme allows the parent to build on the positive steps they are already taking to help develop their child's full potential. Both self–esteem and social skills will be developed, rewarding the student with progress and it is a sheer delight to watch that progress take shape. 

 I have nurtured literally thousands of students over the 14 years I have been teaching, and have many feel good stories of which I am so proud. But it is the dedication and hard work that my students put themselves through. I am aware that each person, from the bubs to adults have their own personality, abilities and limits of which I take into consideration whilst working to develop and succeed in helping them achieve their full potential. 


Sometimes nervous children hide their real fears by throwing tantrums, being stubborn or verbally abusive. I strongly recommend that a nervous or traumatised child have one on one lessons. I encourage the child to use their imagination by having them talk about their interest and other things,distracting them whilst I concentrate on water skills and movement. It may take a few weeks or even longer before he or she looks forward to the lessons. Twice weekly is beneficial for at least a month.


 AQUA-PHOBIA & OTHER FEARS  Often at around 18months to 3 years of age, children develop phobias about all sorts of things, including water. The black lines at the bottom of the pool are often related to snakes or they may freak out when it is cloudy, when the pool doesn't look quite so bright and inviting. We need to treat these phobias with patience and understanding; we need to respect the student's real fears and in time they will overcome them. 

 So Let's work together to teach our young and old the joys of swimming   We will work on Co ordination, balance, strength, relaxation, endurance, and of cause a lot of fun and laughter! 


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